NOTICE: Effective immediately, we will run a DMR net after the backbone net on Brandmeister talk group 1139821.

Cleveland Skywarn provides amateur radio support for the Cleveland Office of the National Weather Service. We use a wide-area 6 meter repeater that covers most of the county warning area to deliver reports from trained spotters in the field to forecasters in near real-time. This helps the forecasters issue more accurate warnings sooner, which in turn helps to ensure public safety.  We operate out of the National Weather Service forecast office in Cleveland.

The county warning area is divided into six districts. During a severe weather event, each county will run a net that passes reports to a district net, and district nets pass reports to WX8CLE.

Cleveland Skywarn is coordinated by the National Weather Service in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Skywarn.

The backbone net takes place on the normally-closed F2 repeater system.  52.68 RX, 52.92 TX, PL 107.2.  The F2 repeater is also linked to a UHF repeater, 444.975 RX, 449.975 TX, with a DPL of 251.  Note that you must receive in carrier squelch on UHF.