DMR/P25 Backbone

The DMR talk group 313932 supplements the six meter backbone and is available on some of the repeaters in the area, as well as BrandMeister repeaters and hot spots.  We are working hard to make this talk group available on all of the DMR repeaters in the Cleveland County Warning Area.

Additionally, the P25 talk group 31395 is linked full time to the DMR talk group.

Both talk groups can be accessed using appropriately programmed hotspots, but accessing a local repeater is preferred whenever possible.

AndoverAshtabula444.9625449.962522PTT*Full-time Wednesdays from 8:00PM-8:30PM
Warrensville HeghtsCuyahoga442.0875447.087511FT 
North RidgevilleLorain443.125448.12512PTT 
MansfieldRichland444.700449.70071PTT*Full-time Wednesdays 8:00PM-11:00PM